Establishing a credible institutional mechanism for skills planning in South Africa

Labour Market Intelligence Research

Labour Market Intelligence research programme

The Labour Market Intelligence research programme is a flagship intervention of the Department of Higher Education and Training to ensure the Post-School Education and Training (PSET) system is responsive to the needs of the labour market.
Labour Market Intelligence Research

Through the [LMI] programme, the Department monitors the imbalances between the demand for and the supply of skills, with a view to being as responsive to the needs of the labour market as possible.

– Mr Gwebinkundla Fellix QONDE,
Director-General, Department of Higher Education and Training

Objective 1

Gathering, analysing and interpreting labour market data in light of government objectives to generate labour market intelligence.

Objective 2

Ensuring that skills planning is aligned and integrated with economic planning, with the objective to create a skilled, capable and transformed workforce in South Africa.

Objective 3

Facilitating research capacity development in the fields of labour markets and skills planning, building a community of researchers in institutions around the country that are equipped to provide valuable contributions to the policy and planning processes.

Objective 4

Developing institutional capacity, contributing towards a comprehensive data system and strategic framework that allows for the gathering, analysis and interpretation of labour market data and skills information with a view to informing and aligning skills and economic policy and planning.

Objective 5

Promoting the use of labour market intelligence for skills planning through the dissemination of research and knowledge to stakeholders in government, the private sector, and civil society.

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Visit the LMI repository to access programme outputs and products including research and technical reports, working papers and policy briefs, conceptual frameworks, booklets, and infographics and data visualisations.