Technical Report

South Africa’s National List of Occupations in High Demand

This technical report on national OIHD sheds light on the country’s economic and labour market conditions. Due to projected poor growth on a national level, it is therefore crucial that skills planning closely aligns with occupational demand.

Labour Market Intelligence research programme


Knowing which occupations are in high demand is important for South Africa’s post-school education and training sector. Since 2014, the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has biennially published a national list of occupations in high demand (OIHD). The list fulfils the following functions: Signal the need for developing new qualifications; Act as a signpost for enrolment planning; Inform career guidance for learners and work-seekers; Inform resource prioritisation; and Inform skills planning.

This report provides a foundation for evidence-based policy decisions that can enhance workforce development, support economic recovery, and address the evolving needs of South Africa’s labour market.

This publication covers

  • The South African Economy and Labour Market
  • Evolution of the Methodology Used to Identify Occupations in High Demand in South Africa
  • Second Preliminary List (post-public comments)
  • The 2024 Methodology and Results
  • Consolidation of Evidence and the Final List