Published report

Identification of Skills Needed for the Hydrogen Economy

This report qualitatively outlines the current skills demand–supply dynamics in the South African labour market with respect to the hydrogen economy. This is accompanied by an analysis of the capabilities that need to be developed or augmented in the qualifications offered at South African universities and at the technical vocational education and training (TVET) college ecosystem.


Globally, as countries are seeking to decarbonise their energy systems, green hydrogen is emerging as a crucial energy source that can enable the decarbonisation of these sectors in line with the 2050 net zero targets.

The objective of this project is to determine the skills that will be required for the green hydrogen value chain in South Africa. The qualitative methodology adopted consists of synthesising secondary and primary data through a literature review and stakeholder consultations.

This publication covers

  • Background & Methodology
  • The Global Hydrogen Landscape
  • The Future of SA’s Hydrogen Economy
  • The Green Hydrogen Value Chain
  • Skills Supply, Demand and Imbalances in the HE
  • Education & Training to Support the HE
  • Opportunities for Workplace-based Learning
  • Conclusions & Recommendations