General labour market analysis

This component of the LMI research programme focuses on analysing different components of the labour force, employment and unemployment to enhance understanding of the skills demanded in the economy, the skills currently being supplied to the labour market, and the imbalances between these.

Research objective

Research projects under this theme of the LMI research programme are focused and aim to provide a detailed understanding of a number of specific key issues related to skills supply and demand in the country.

Key research undertaken under this theme of the LMI research programme includes the following:

  • Implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for labour and skills demand in South Africa
  • Analysis of wage trends by occupation and skill level
  • Analysis of migration into and out of South Africa, and the skills implications of this
  • Analysis of trends in graduate unemployment
  • Analysis of employment in the informal sector
  • Analysis of trends in employment and unemployment of artisans
  • Investigating the links between education and the labour market, particularly whether and how education can create employment
  • A situational analysis of employer surveys
Labour Market Intelligence Research

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