Fact Sheet

Throughput Rate of TVET College NC(V) (National Certificate Vocational) Students

This Fact Sheet provides information and insights into the extent and nature of the throughput rate of TVET college students enrolled in the National Certificate (Vocational) (NC[V]) programmes.


Information about throughput rates is crucial to understanding, among others, an education system’s level of efficiency. Throughput rates provide insights into how quickly or slowly students move through the system.

The NC(V) was introduced by the then Department of Education at public TVET colleges in 2007 to respond to the priority skills demands of the South African economy. TVET colleges continue to offer the NC(V); however, many stakeholders have expressed concern about the low numbers of students completing the full NC(V) qualification within expected time frames.

An overview of the extent, trends and patterns of throughput rates of South African TVET college students enrolled in the NC(V) qualification is presented. Thus, insights from this Fact Sheet can be drawn upon to inform interventions to address relevant challenges and to improve accountability in the system.

This publication covers

  • Definition and Methodology used to Calculate Throughput Rate
  • Limitations
  • Summary of Findings