Methodological Framework

Provincial Lists of Occupations in High Demand: Methodological Framework

This report describes the methodology used to draft provincial lists of OIHD in South Africa. As with the national list of OIHD, a list of P-OIHD would inform various PSET planning exercises while being more geographically disaggregated.

Labour Market Intelligence research programme


The first national list of Occupations in High Demand (OIHD) was published by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in 2014. Since then, a new iteration of the list has been produced every two years, each incorporating new developments in the country’s labour market.

Several provinces have made calls for provincial lists of OIHD (P-OIHD) during meetings held by the provincial skills development fora. Their motivation is clear: Without province-specific research, provinces use national occupational demand to infer provincial demand. However, provincial demand often deviates from national demand. Given different provincial contexts, occupations in high demand in one province might not be in high demand in another.

For this reason, the express purpose of this document is to propose a research methodology that can be applied ubiquitously across provinces. The P-OIHD methodology is adapted from the national OIHD methodology but exclusively uses provincial-level data and inputs from province-specific stakeholders.

This publication covers

  • Methodology
  • Steps for the DHET
  • Steps for the province
  • Conclusions