Concept Note

One Country, One Plan: Draft Concept Note for the Master Skills Plan

Labour Market Intelligence research programme

The draft Concept Note on the Master Skills Plan is intended to reconceptualise the development of the Human Resource Development Strategy of South Africa and guide, steer and frame the development of its implementation plan, namely, the country-wide Master Skills Plan.


The Human Resource Development Strategy (HRDC) and its implementation plan, the Master Skills Plan (MSP), are expected to serve as a high level, country-wide, coordinated response to key skills needs identified for economic and social development.  They are envisaged to address imbalances of skills supply and demand in South Africa, as well as bring about coherence, rationalisation and improved efficiency of the skills planning and delivery system in the country. They will clarify institutional arrangements that provide clear leadership and responsibility for key elements of the skills system. The draft Concept Note serves as a foundation for the development of the HRDC and MSP. 

This publication covers

  • Methodology for the Concept Note
  • Methodology for the MSP