Published report

Skills Imbalances in the South African Labour Market: OECD Skills for Jobs database

The OECD Skills for Jobs indicators highlight that a large share of workers in South Africa are in jobs that do not match their education level and/or field of study.


Skills imbalances arise when the demand for and supply of skills are not well-aligned. Understanding where those imbalances are is a first step towards developing skills policies and programmes that are aligned with the needs of the labour market. The OECD Skills for Jobs indicators measure skills shortages, surpluses and mismatches across labour markets around the world. This report describes the methodology behind the indicators and the results for South Africa. It provides detailed insights into the occupations, sectors and skills that are facing shortages and surpluses, as well as into the match between individuals’ education and their jobs.

This publication covers

  • Understanding skills imbalances
  • The Skills for Jobs Database
  • Data & Methodology for South African results
  • Skill needs results
  • Mismatch results