Conceptual framework

Identifying Skills for Sustainable Livelihoods in Local Communities: A Conceptual Framework

The Conceptual Framework on identifying skills for sustainable livelihoods in local communities provides details on the research project scope and rationale, background and purpose. This document also provides context on the key concepts and research questions, methods and approaches.

Labour Market Intelligence research programme


The project will deepen an understanding of the skills required for building sustainable livelihoods in marginalised communities. The qualitative research will enable the Department of Higher Education and Training to refocus and recalibrate its service provision, especially via its TVET colleges and Community and Education Training Colleges (CETCs), to provide policy advice and direction towards addressing the changing needs for skills development for sustainable livelihoods in South Africa. The project will undertake research at two sites.

This publication covers

  • Introduction and background
  • Conceptual Framing
  • Skills Demand and Supply
  • Research Implications
  • Objective of proposed research activity
  • Approach and methodology