Fact Sheet

Gender Parity in Post-School Education and Training Opportunities – 2022

This fact sheet provides a comparative analysis of the gender profile of students in the PSET system, with a specific focus on access and completion. It uses the GPI to measure progress towards gender parity in PSET participation and completion.

This Fact Sheet monitors access and completion in PSET in terms of gender. It uses the Gender Parity Index (GPI) to measure relative access to post-school education and training opportunities of males and females. GPI is often used internationally to compare relative access to education between males and females across various countries. Such comparisons serve as a barometer for how countries perform in terms of equity and transformation and speak to the proportional representation of historically and currently disadvantaged groups within all levels of the education system.

This publication covers

  • Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER)
  • Gender Parity Index (GPI)
  • Overview of gender parity in PSET institutions
  • GPI in Community Education and Training (CET) colleges
  • GPI in TVET colleges
  • GPI in Universities (Public and Private)