Fact Sheet

Funding and expenditure trends in Post-School Education and Training – 2024

The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide a high-level overview and analysis of funding and expenditure trends in the PSET system, and provides an analysis of public budgetary or expenditure trends on PSET for the period 2019/20 to 2021/22.

Labour Market Intelligence research programme


Given that public expenditure on Post-School Education and Training (PSET) is critical for social and sustainable development, this report provides an overview of funding and spending trends in South Africa. Spending on PSET is intended to be an investment in human capital, research, and societal capital. It contributes to the development of a critical citizenry, deepening of knowledge for societal improvements, attention to social justice and the drive towards societal transformation.

This publication covers

  • Overview of funding and enrolment in the PSET system (2021/22)
  • Public spending on PSET
  • Real per capita spending on PSET
  • Sources of income for public universities and TVET colleges
  • Consolidated government spending on a select number of functions
  • Overall Government Spending on Schooling System Versus Post-Schooling System
  • Government spending on tertiary education
  • Government spending on total education (both schooling and post-schooling)
  • Distribution of the skills development levy