Technical Report

Finalisation of the Critical Skills List (+ Annexure)

This report is focused on the approach to finalising the Critical Skills List and presenting it in its finalised form, and explains the inclusion and exclusion criteria considered and how these criteria were imposed in conjunction with the requests received through the public comment process.

Labour Market Intelligence research programme


The draft Critical Skills List was published for public comment in February 2021.  Nearly 350 comments were received.  This report sets out the process and methodology for analysing and evaluating the comments, and the incorporation of further analysis of newly available data and information.  It concludes with the presentation of the list presented to the Department of Home Affairs.

To read the Annexure, please click here.

This publication covers

  • Introduction
  • Addressing requests for exclusion and inclusion
  • Second Preliminary List (post-public comments)
  • Penultimate List
  • Conclusion & Annexures