Fact Sheet

South Africa’s 2021 Global Competitiveness Rankings

The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide an overview of SA’s global competitiveness rankings based on the 2021 World Competitiveness Rankings report released by the IMD World Competitiveness Centre.


This fact sheet focuses on the education and training dimension of South Africa’s global competitiveness rankings.

The fact sheet presents rankings of overall competitiveness for South Africa and selected nations, and South Africa’s competitiveness rankings of the knowledge factor and its associated sub-factors (education and training, scientific concentration, and talent), and indicators of the education and training sub-factor, including employee training, total expenditure on education (as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP)), higher education achievement, graduates in sciences, women with degrees, and pupil-to-teacher ratio (tertiary education).

This fact sheet includes:

  • Methodology, data and computation of the rankings
  • Indicators measuring the education and training sub-factor
  • Summary of findings