Published report

Employment, Skills and Covid-19: An Analysis of the DHET’s SETA Employer Interviews

The aim of this report was to analyse the data collected by the SETAs through a series of interviews with employers in their sector and to provide an overview of the information that emerged.


The past two years have been a challenging period globally, as the Covid-19 pandemic has swept the globe and disrupted economies. South Africa is no exception. Lockdowns of varying intensity, particularly during 2020, played havoc with businesses’ ability to operate, as restrictions on mobility affected both workers and the businesses themselves. As a result of the lockdowns, remote working was necessary, where feasible, to ensure that businesses, government and other organisations could continue functioning.

This report analyses the data collected by the SETAs through a range of interviews conducted with employers during the latter part of 2021. The interviews covered a number of topics, including the impact of Covid-19 on the employers, hard-to-fill vacancies, skills gaps, change drivers, future skills, and priority education and training.

This publication covers

  • Data
  • Impact of Covid-19
  • Skills: Hard-to-fill vacancies; Skills gaps; Change drivers; Future skills; Priority education and training interventions
  • Conclusions