Conceptual framework

Employed and Unemployed Artisans: A Conceptual Framework

The Conceptual Framework on employed and unemployed artisans provides details on the research project scope and rationale, background and purpose. This document also provides context on the key concepts and research questions, methods and approaches.

Labour Market Intelligence research programme


The idea behind this project emanates from DHET discussions with the South African Artisans Council (now the South African Artisan Movement), an organisation formed by artisans who have been unable to find employment. This project has been initiated to look at the issues of the supply and demand of artisans in the country, and to begin to unpack the reasons why research would suggest on the one hand that we need more artisans, and certain organisations are telling us, on the other hand, that we have enough artisans for certain artisanal trades and many are unemployed.

This publication covers

  • Project initiation, scope and approach
  • Research questions and focal areas
  • Methodology and data sources
  • Project phases