Stakeholder Technical Consultation Workshop for Developing a Mpumalanga List of Occupations in High Demand (P-OIHD)

21 April 2023

Capital Hotel, Mbombela/Nelspruit & Zoom

The purpose of this event is to adopt a coordinated approach to the development of the Mpumalanga List of OIHD.

Several provinces have made calls for provincial lists of OIHD (P-OIHD) during meetings held by the provincial skills development fora. Their motivation is clear: without province-specific research, provinces use national occupational demand to infer provincial demand. However, provincial demand often deviates from national demand. Given different provincial contexts, occupations in high demand in one province might not be in high demand in another.

The objective is to to examine the steps to be undertaken to develop the Mpumalanga List of Occupations in High Demand (P-OIHD), to clarify the role of stakeholders, to adopt a methodology.